Contract Management

Get a centralized contract management solution for all your contracts and related documents and make them easily searchable. Keep track of contract milestones or renewals by sending automated notifications, reminders, or alerts to responsible people associated with contracts. 

You do not need to install anything, just click on the green button and try the contract management solution for free.

product Contract management



Keep your contracts coordinated, wherever you are 

  • overview of all contracts in the company in central repository
  • store contract documents 
  • customizable categories and types of contract
  • sending notifications for significant milestones, like contract expiry or renewals
  • get reminders and alerts to your contract 
  • all your contracts in one place
  • overview of contracts with contract party (business partner)
  • overview of contracts with a specific employee
  • set reminders to your contractual obligations
  • quickly find any contract
  • adjust and customize contract information and data
  • add an unlimited number of attachments in any file format to your contracts
  • overview of contractors and contract parties
  • expiration date management
  • expiration and renewal tracking

Start working immediately, it's easy

  • OneSoft Contract management system is ready to use immediately
  • You have it set up in a few minutes, no days, weeks or months
  • You do not need to install anything. All you need is your computer and internet browser
  • All you have to do is enter your email and company name
  • We will send the login details to your e-mail
  • You have 30 days completely free and without obligation to try


product Contract management

Get simple and easy to use contract management solution

OneSoft Contract Management is a simple contract management solution helps you to manage your contracts of any type, keep related meeting minutes, tasks and set reminder on important dates or other contract information. Helps not to be overwhelmed with information spread acrros many siloed apps and unnecessary communication. You know, the worst thing is hearing over and over again. Our simple and easy to use contract management solution enables you to keep track of all your contracts, customers, suppliers in one place. 

With better visibility and simplicity this contract management solution not only saves you money by building satisfied customers, but also saves you a lot of money and nerves by having all the information online at hand.


Stay on top of contract deadlines and renewals

With our automatic reminders of important dates, contract renewals, contract milestones all your activities is a breeze. Manage upcoming renewals in one centralized place. You get one tool to manage all expiration dates key contract date notifications.


Comments, tasks & notes on every contract

Our solution gives you the additional functionality to enhance your productivity. For every single contract you have comments allows you to communicate with your colleagues or clients when the share comments. You also can create a tasks directly assigned to the contract and delegate tasks to your team members to act upon. 


Meeting minutes on every contract

Do you have important meetings on the contract and need to keep results, task or the minutes on this particular contract? With our solution you keep all contract-related information in one environment. Meeting minutes are automatically connected with the concerning contract. 


Who is this for?

OneSoft Contract management system offers highly flexible, configurable, affordable, and transformative back office solution for small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. It is expiration date management for small businesses.


Streamline your contract management processes

Get one easy to use solution enabling collaboration across your departments such as Office management, HR, Finance, HR, Contract, Facility, Equipment or IT. It helps connect your day-to-day processes and improve collaboration between the company and all the people inside. 


Replace your spreadsheet records with contract management solution 

Do you also have a lot of spreadsheets in which you maintain various information vital to your contract management? Are you struggling to keep it together and updated? In this contract management solution you will have everything together and in the context of a specific contract. No more spreadsheets, excel sheets or PDF documents floating around.


What can you do with this contract management solution? 

This solution is an expiration date management application that does more than just save you time on tracking. It also helps you improve communication, keep everyone on the same page, and grow your business. There is a lot of communication and collaboration on between people in the company around contracts. Solution enables  sharing and protection of your contracts. As an example, there are a number of different records registries and databases that we can solve in one environment along contracts:

  • Employee directory and personnel records
  • List of office equipment
  • Policy management
  • Office assets and equipment
  • IT equipments


Contract management features  

  • central contract repository - overview of all contracts in the company
  • reminders and watchdogs on contract deadlines and renewals
  • fulltext search
  • unified and integrated software
  • contract custom fields - adjust contract information and data
  • customizable types of contract
  • attachments in any file format to your contracts
  • database of contract parties
  • overview of contract parties for each contract


How much does it cost?

Up to three users you can have it even for free. If you choose one of our paid plans (Team, COmpany or Enteprise), the price is affordable comparing to many CRM solutions. The pricing is based on number of user - and you pay as-you-go monthly subscription - you don't need to invest lot of money. 

With our sibsription you'll still have the latest version. Your customer management solution will never become obsolete.

What do you need to run our solution?

All you have to do is launch your Internet browser. We use safe mode, the "green address bar", which ensures that communication between your computer and the server is secured and encrypted.

We take care of all your data - will be securely kept and backed up and you will be able to manage who can access or edit the data within your organization. The app will also allow you to generate reports and overviews. See more features.

Our solution can be combined and expanded with other solutions by OneSoft Connect.




product Contract management


How does it all work? What do you need to use the system? 

  • It is a web application that you run in a browser just like these pages.
  • You don't have to install anything, you just need an internet browser
  • Your data are stored in secured data centers
  • Therefore, your data will not be lost, even if you lose your computer
  • Access to the application and data is controlled by users and roles
  • The application creates a full audit trail. Every change of information is recorded and saved
  • You can freely modify the application according to your needs
  • You do not pay any large investment costs in the beginning
  • You pay a small monthly amount based on the number of users who use the system
  • You always have the application in the latest version


product Contract management

Not sure and want to help? We are happy to help you. 

Customizing our contract management software is very easy. If you don't have the time or just want to help with it, our consultants will be happy to help you.

  • we help you fully customize the contract management system according to your needs and habits
  • we import your data from spreadsheet into the application
  • we can connect and integrate the application to other systems in your company
  • we show you how to manage application. We provide complete training for your team.



Are you looking for something extra above contract management?

You get everything for the same price, so you don't pay extra for a solution.

  • Work accidents
  • Keys and entrance cards management
  • Policy management
  • Employee rights
  • Risk management
  • Policy compliance
  • You can easily customize our system and create your own records as you wish


Choose number of users:

Best for individuals with limited features and datastorage
0 $ / per
up to 3 users
100MB storage
0 $ / month

no credit card required
Great for small teams

- $ / per
up to 10 users
2GB storage
- $/ month / per

30 days free trial
no credit card required
Designed for companies

- $ / per
up to 1000 users
10GB storage
- $/ month / per

30 days free trial
no credit card required
For large companies and organizations

up to 10000 users
100GB storage