Your data is safe in our cloud

Being aware of how pivotal your data is for your business, we are paying particular attention to their safety. Ensuring privacy and data safety is crucial for us.

You won’t have to take care of servers where your data is stored. It is a task of the experts to ensure the smooth running of the infrastructure and it is our task to look after this process. Your data is isolated from other clients, ensuring a high level of safety and security.


How is your data protection in our cloud? Triple!

Your data has the comfort of having three-tier protection.




  • Data centers provide professional physical data security. They ensure the physical protection and safety of the servers and disks such as protection against fire, floods or (physical) theft. The sort of protection that data centers are able to build in order to protect their servers, could hardly be achieved by any other company. Also, nobody who works in the data center have the information about our clients whose accounts are operated there.
  • Virtual server is responsible for the performance. Virtual servers are administrated by ourselves, that is why we can guarantee its reliability in terms of operations. We use specifically VMware or Hyper-V. The data center provider only provides us with the performance and storage, they cannot access the virtual server. Neither we do have access to your data since your database is encrypted.
  • OneSoft Connect protects your data on the user level. This means that only you and the users who have been granted the access by yourself, can access your data. The communication between your computers and the server (data being transmitted) as well as the database itself (data stored) are protected by encryption (https). The control over your data is all yours.  


Where is your data stored?

Your data is stored by global and extremely reliable data center providers (IBM Softlayer, Oracle Cloud, OVH). The location is carefully chosen to be most suitable for you, in other words, your data is stored at your closest possible data center and in such a way, so it meets the legal requirements.

Therefore, for example, our European clients’ data are always stored in servers located in Europe.