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  • Our simple and easily accessible software enables you to keep track of all your contracts customer suppliers, and other business partners’ records in one place. With watchdogs, you get to monitor all of your contractual obligations.
  • Get a flexible solution to simplify your office and administrative work.
  • Keep records of your employees and all critical information about them, such as their contracts, personal details, etc.
  • Keep an eye on essential terms. Create a variety of helpful HR records and agendas.
  • Manage job descriptions and organizational structure.
  • Maintain all your assets, no matter how many types there are. With watchdogs and reminders, keeping your assets maintained - all important dates, events, or revisions, is a piece of cake.
  • Manage any number of assets without any limits.
  • Project collaboration software can help your company's staff members and business units collaborate effectively on any project task. It creates meeting minutes, communicates, and collaborates on project tasks.
  • Keep records on who has what and when they should give it back or hand it over.
  • Keep records on keys, cars, credit and debit cards, passwords, electronic equipment, software licenses, and others...
  • Improve collaboration within your business using our task management solution.
  • Stop the flood of emails and replace it with our software solution so that no critical data or piece of information can ever be missed.


Drowning in paperwork or monster enterprise software or spreadsheets?

Manage office records

Manage and share business information. Keep knowledge in your company.

Make reminders

Watch important dates & terms and stay reminded. Easily.

Boost team collaboration

Manage relationships for your data, so you can get any report you need. Full API.

Choose what you need in office

OneSoft Connect is a broad family of office management solutions for company management and administration. There is more than ready to use 50 solutions and templates suitable for your office workers, always fit your needs. If you need simple and flexible office management system, you are in the right place. With our solution you can manage entire office – employees, contracts, documents, equipment, assets, clients or projects. With integrated meeting minutes and task management you can manage communication across the company. 

Out-of-the-box office solutions

Solutions and templates are carefully prepared for your by the experts.

Tailored by you

You will get fully customised solution  for your own business issues. Still flexible.


Integrated task management

Are you drowned in your tasks or in the teams tasks? Tired of dealing with it after emails and various notations?

Thanks to OneSoft, you can keep track of where a task has stopped, how much work has been done on it. You have an overview of your tasks and the tasks of your team, online. See how tasks can be managed simply and easily.






Management of business & office records

Do you also have your records and information spread across several different systems, applicatinss or various spreadsheets or chasing them in email inbox? 

What if you had the environemt for most of your operational records? What if you could find important information from anywhere? What if you used one record system instead of different scattered apps? See how they can be done simply and easily in OneSoft.


Connected information in one environment

Do you mine important information from various applications, spreadsheets, papers or files? 

Every record you can connect with others. It allows you to keep important information connected. What does it mean? For example if you have the purchasing contract, it has relation to the vendor, to the reponsible employees in your company and at least to the purchased product od service. In our solution you can keep everything connected so you get reliable information system with clear history and overview. 







Collaboration across the company

Are you constantly searching for information in various applications, spreadsheets or files? Do you spend too much time by searching?

In OneSoft Connect, you can work with various information, company records, tasks, documents in one environment. You don't need to switch between emails, several applications and the document repositories, you can find everything in one environment. You get "company google" for your office information.





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30 days free trial
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100GB storage