Notable changes for users

  • New "onetouch" design released - several improvements, menu new placement and overall simplification
  • Full multilanguage features released
  • Categories - improved work with categories
  • Customer-defined icons for each datasheet and  categories
  • Customer-defined set of units (company specified units)
  • New format of a number - number with an unit
  • Picture for any item feature - every user can add an default picture for each item which is shown on main item screen
  • Batch changes of values
  • Reporting - enabled for users
  • Creating of relationship was simplified
  • Added creating an item to a datasheet
  • User customisable color of a datasheet
  • Datasheet dashboard - desription and news added
  • Client defined help to the custom-fields
  • Save and create another button added to a new item creation process
  • Hidden group feature added
  • Attachment to each detail feature added
  • Tooltips for newly created datasheets

Notable changes for administrators

  • Update process improved  - now smoother, simpler
  • Access rights - scalable for all roles
  • Create relatioship process simplified - you can now preset the list of target datasheets

Notable changes for developers

  • Improved set of Onesft APIs

Minor changes and fixed bugs

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 - comppatibility bug fixes
  • 63 minor improvements and bug fixes